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Welcome to Nevada Healthy Teens

The mission of the Nevada Teen Health and Safety Coalition is to ensure that Nevada is a place where resilient, smart, well-educated young people have a fair shot at growing up to be independent and healthy. We are broad group of parents, youth, medical professionals, and advocacy organizations building a movement to change the way sexual health education is taught in Nevada so that youth can be better empowered to stay healthy. We believe that schools have a responsibility to provide medically accurate and age-appropriate sex education in Nevada.

Nevada is ranked 7th in the United States for teen pregnancy and our rates of sexually transmitted infections disproportionately affect youth. Yet Nevada students are not receiving medically accurate and age-appropriate sexual health education. But with your voice, we can improve sex education and change those statistics. Parents have a right to know what their children are learning in schools, especially when it comes to sexual health education. Youth deserve to be armed with information that will help them make healthy choices and stay safe. Nevadans deserve a real sex ed. law that would hold schools accountable for what they are teaching youth about sex ed.

Lyric, a former Clark County high school student talks about the importance of medically accurate, inclusive sex education.

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