Teen Information

As a teen, your voice matters! Currently, Nevada does not require medically accurate and age-appropriate sex ed, and this has a direct impact on your health.

In order to be able to make well-informed decisions about your health and relationships, you need to be equipped with accurate information that comes from your school and your parents. Sex education is about more than preventing pregnancies and STIs, it’s about overall health and safety.

Nobody is more directly affected by this issue than young people, especially those still in K-12. The Nevada Teen Health and Safety Coalition is comprised of parents, youth, medical professionals, and advocates across the state who believe medically accurate and age-appropriate sex ed will help keep you healthy, safe, and informed.

As a teen, you can sign this petition that tells Governor Sandoval that you want medically accurate sex ed in Nevada schools.

Interested in becoming MORE involved?

Are you 12 to 24 yrs old? Live in Las Vegas? Want to be an activist? Sign up and attend our Youth Advocacy Training!

If you are a current or former Nevada high school student, and want to bring balanced and accurate sex education to Nevada schools, sign-up for our youth group!

Requirements to join the youth group:
• Must be able to commit to coming to all 15 Saturday workshops and gatherings (meetings are scheduled in Reno and Las Vegas).
• Must be willing to do work outside of the workshops and meet survey goals.
• Must be willing to commit to entire program, which ends June 2015.
• Must have been enrolled in a Nevada high school for at least one entire academic year. If no longer in high school, must have attended within the last four years (2010-2011 school year and on).

Questions? Email us.